Seekonk C-C Boys/Girls Outrun New Bedford Voke

Seekonk cross country boys and girls team both improve to 3-0 with decisive victories over New Bedford Voke.

Sophomore Abby Tenreiro ran the second fastest recorded time on Seekonk’s 2.8 mile course at 17:02 to lead the girls team to 15-50 victory.

Senior Ross Santos paced the boys team in the 17-44 victory, followed closely by Andrew Cabral and Henry Jordan.

Girls Placements: 1-Abby Tenreiro (S), 2-Hannah Bradbury (S), 3-Sarah Mallon (S), 3-Julia Rickard (S), 4-Vanessa Jacombe (S), 5-Gigi DiBiase (S), 6-Mary Silvia (NBV), 7-Gelia Rancourt (S), 8-Sam Studley (S), 9-Marinna Cabral (S), 17:02, course 2.8.

Boys Placements: 1-Ross Santos (S), 2-Andrew Cabral (S), 3-Henry Jordan (S), 4-Matt Harpe (NBV), 5-Hunter Studley (S), 6-Jacob Klang (S), 7-Jim Walcz (NBV), 8-James Tenreiro (S), 9-Jake Gausland (S), 10-Brandon Gomes (S), 15:25, course 2.8.


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